SalonSpa Internships.Com represents the first web based venture whose primary focus is to provide internship services on behalf of students, schools, and employers within the salon and spa profession.  By forming solid working relationships with the nation’s top rated beauty schools, SalonSpa Internships.Com has implemented a comprehensive internship mentoring program that offers real world work experiences to aspiring salon and spa professionals during their academic school year.

Students, who are currently enrolled in state accredited cosmetology, skin care, nail care, make-up, and massage schools in the Salon and Spa Industry, may obtain hands-on training through valuable internships at reputable beauty salons and day spas where they are mentored by seasoned salon and spa professionals.  This work experience ensures the opportunity for students to secure permanent job placement as new graduates.

Upon successful completion of these short-term work assignments, which consist of both paid and nonpaid internships that are posted on our website by employers, each student receives an Internship Certificate of Completion by SalonSpa Internships.Com.  Paid internships are usually offered to students by employers based on each student’s level of clinical training in school or their previous work experience as well as the specific needs of the employers particularly during peak season of the Salon and Spa Industry.

Nonpaid internships must follow federal guidelines by meeting the “Federal Intern Test” which may require schools in some states to award school hours to students who are not paid as interns by employers.  Each employer that is participating in our internship mentoring program, nevertheless, does reserve the right to offer students as well as recent graduates either paid or nonpaid internships.


Our Mission


SalonSpa Internships.Com’s mission is to serve as a leading marketplace for internship services on behalf of the salon and spa profession in order to strengthen its workforce.